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Enjoy endless and fresh strawberries (照片由: Leslie Taylor)

Strawberry Picking at Tsukuihama Tourist Farm 2024

Treat yourself to nature’s candy in Yokosuka

Tsukuihama Tourist Farm
Jan 1st - May 5th 2024

Strawberry connoisseurs unite!

From January 1 to May 5, 2024, Tsukuihama Tourist Farm in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture is offering 30-minute, all-you-can-eat strawberry picking experiences where you can savor ultra-sweet strawberries to your heart’s content. During the strawberry season, the farm is open every day and operates from 9am to 3pm.


  • Enjoy 30 minutes of unlimited strawberry-eating
  • Try Japan’s high quality strawberry varieties, including ones not available in stores yet
  • Experience and admire Miura Peninsula’s renowned agriculture firsthand

About the farm

An agricultural retreat
An agricultural retreat (照片由: Leslie Taylor)

Tsukuihama Tourist Farm is located on the Miura Peninsula, which is a region celebrated for its quality agricultural products. Upon entering the farm’s reception area, you will immediately feel welcomed by the quaint atmosphere. The area sells massive homegrown vegetables that exceed grocery store size requirements, as well as plenty of strawberry treats, such as jam and cookies. The farm itself is nestled in a quiet residential area, further enriching the peaceful ambience.

Inside one of the strawberry greenhouses
Inside one of the strawberry greenhouses (照片由: Leslie Taylor)

Aside from strawberry picking, the farm also offers mandarin orange (mikan in Japanese) picking from October to November and sweet potato digging from September to November.

Let’s talk about the strawberries

Delicious fruit ripe for picking
Delicious fruit ripe for picking (照片由: Leslie Taylor)

The strawberry picking itself takes place in Tsukuihama Tourist Farm’s toasty greenhouses. The farm provides you with a small tray to discard the leafy parts of the strawberries, as well as condensed milk for dipping—however, we highly recommend trying the fruits without the condensed milk first to savor their natural sweetness.

The farm’s main type of strawberry is Beni Hoppe, which is one of Japan’s top strawberry varieties. Beni Hoppe have vibrant red coloring, soft textures, and an addicting balance of sweetness to sourness. If you have not tried Japanese strawberries before, you are guaranteed to instantly fall in love with their rich flavor and delectable sweetness. In addition to Beni Hoppe, the farm also grows strawberry varieties that they are testing for future production, meaning that you can try fruits that are not yet available in grocery stores!

Important information to plan your trip

Satisfy your strawberry cravings
Satisfy your strawberry cravings (照片由: Leslie Taylor)
  • The farm does not take reservations and operates on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The farm is most crowded on weekends, so they recommend that guests visit during weekdays if possible.
  • If there are too many visitors in one day, there is the possibility that the farm will close early due to limited strawberry quantities.
  • The strawberry picking experience is only an all-you-can-eat activity and does not allow takeaway.
  • Pricing: ¥2,000 (Jan 8 - Apr 5) / ¥1,600 (Apr 6 - May 5)
Tsukuihama Tourist Farm’s reception facility
Tsukuihama Tourist Farm’s reception facility (照片由: Leslie Taylor)


Tsukuihama Tourist Farm is about a 20-minute walk from Tsukuihama Station on the Keikyu Kurihama Line. The farm also operates a free shuttle bus service from the station, which is a roughly five-minute drive.

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