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Keio Sky Beer Garden 2023

A summer beer festival in Shinjuku

活動地點: Keio Department Store Shinjuku 時間: Jun 29th - Sep 30th 2023

Beer gardens are immensely popular in the summer months thanks to their refreshing escape from the heat, and Tokyo is home to several beer garden events for locals and travelers alike to enjoy. One such event is the Keio Sky Beer Garden, which is set to run from the end of June until the end of September.

The event will have various course menus for attendees to choose from, and each comes with a 2 hour all-you-can-drink menu – and do note that non-alcoholic beverages are also available if you'd prefer.

The basic course starts at ¥3800 and comes with edamame, grilled corn, French fries, fried chicken, and assorted sausages, and is available up until 6pm. Conversely, the most expensive course will set you back ¥5500 and includes edamame, roasted duck, fried chicken, French fries flavored with truffle salt, garlic shrimp, kalbi & lettuce, pizza, and choux ice cream.

For those looking at attending, reservations can be made online via the official website here.


The event takes place on the rooftop of the Keio Department Store Shinjuku, which is located right outside the West Exit of Shinjuku Station. The station is served by various lines, including the

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