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Yakiimo Paradise in Tenshiba 2024

Enjoy sweet potato in various forms

活動地點: Tenshiba at Tennoji Park 時間: Feb 22nd - Feb 25th 2024

Sweet potatoes are exceptionally popular in Japan, and they're a versatile ingredient in both savory and sweet dishes. You'll find them used in everything from wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets) to tempura, and the fact that they're packed full of vitamins and minerals adds some extra incentive to indulge!

The Yakiimo Paradise at Tenshiba event is one way to get your fill of all things sweet potato, and there will be plenty of ways to enjoy it. Whether you prefer your yakiimo simply baked, as an ingredient in desserts, or French fry-esque, you'll find something to tempt your tastebuds here. There will also be live music performances for attendees to appreciate as they savor their eats of choice.

Admission is free, but bring yen if you want to do some food sampling.


The event takes place at the Tenshiba lawn area of Tennoji Park, which can be accessed in just two minutes on foot from Tennoji Station.

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