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Tokyo Disneyland New Special Event 2024

Disney Pal-Palooza, Minnie’s Funderland

活動地點: Tokyo Disneyland 時間: Jan 10th - Mar 19th 2024

Disney Pal-Palooza,” a series of new special events, is being held at Tokyo Disneyland. This event series is all about having a blast with your “pals” in the park in a party-like, “palooza” environment.

The first event in this series is “Minnie’s Funderland,” from January 10 through March 19.

During this event, the park will be filled with Minnie’s imagination, creating a colorful and slightly fantastical world! Come and enjoy a fun-filled park with Minnie Mouse and cuteness!

照片由: Tokyo Disney Resort

Minnie @Funderland

The new parade "Minnie @Funderland" runs once a day along the parade route and stops at three locations.

1) Westernland and Fantasyland, 2) Castle Forecourt and the Plaza (around Cinderella Castle), and 3) Tomorrowland.

Minnie Mouse and her Disney friends will appear in this parade on a glittering float adorned with large ribbons and dressed in charming costumes with heart-shaped accessories and polka dots.

照片由: Tokyo Disney Resort

Clap your hands, dance to the pop music, and have fun with Minnie and her friends. Depending on where you watch the parade, the staging and music will be different, which is also an exciting part.

照片由: Tokyo Disney Resort

*For details, please check the Tokyo Disney Resort Official Website. (Some viewing areas are for Disney Premium Pass)

*Entertainment programs are subject to change or cancellation due to weather and other conditions.


照片由: Runa Aoki

The park is also decorated in the colorful world of Minnie's Funderland!

The Mickey Flower Bed in front of the Main Entrance will be transformed into a Minnie version.

照片由: Runa Aoki

There is a large ribbon monument just as you step into the World Bazaar. The monument has a mirror so you can take a selfie there with your friends!

照片由: Tokyo Disney Resort

The floor leading to Cinderella Castle is decorated with a carpet-like pink polka dot design!

照片由: Tokyo Disney Resort

Cute Minnie decorations are set up in front of Cinderella Castle as well.

照片由: Tokyo Disney Resort

There are also heart-shaped photo spots, banners adorned with Minnie and her pals, and even some trash cans decorated with polka dots!

照片由: Runa Aoki

Food & Drinks

The food is also a great way to get into the Minnie spirit!

There are lots of cute and pink things to drink, snack, and even enjoy as meals!

Here are some of their items!

照片由: Runa Aoki

Minnie Mouse Headband Cookie 650 yen

Plazma Ray's Diner

照片由: Runa Aoki

Minnie's Cute Classic Set 1,980 yen

Sparkling Jelly Drink (Flower Syrups & Strawberry) 600 yen

Sweets Set 1,580 yen

Plaza Pavilion Restaurant

照片由: Tokyo Disney Resort

Strawberry Milk 600 yen

Refreshment Corner, Camp Woodchuck Kitchen

照片由: Runa Aoki

Strawberry Muffin 550 yen (+550 yen to add souvenier plate)

Sweetheart Cafe, Grandma Sara's Kitchen

There is also merchandise featuring Minnie! So be sure to check them out!

照片由: Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disneyland
東京ディズニーランド 4.3 6評論
  • 1-1 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba 279-0031
  • 9:00 - 21:00 (現正開放)
  • ¥4700 - ¥10900

Tokyo Disney Resort 40th Anniversary Grand Finale

Tokyo Disney Resort 40th Anniversary celebration "Dream Go Round,” which began in April of 2023, is also reaching its grand finale! The parks are filled with specially designed Grand Finale merchandise and food. Be sure to take this opportunity to check them out.

The 40th Anniversary Event is running until March 31!

Upcoming events

Disney Pal-Palooza, the first season will be held until March 19, and the second season will be from April 9 to June 30, 2024!

And on June 6, 2024, Tokyo DisneySea's eighth themed port area, Fantasy Springs, will finally open!

Tokyo DisneySea
東京ディズニーシー 4.4 7評論
  • 1-1 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba 279-0031
  • 9:00 - 21:00 (現正開放)
  • ¥4700 - ¥9400

With seasonal and special events and the opening of a new area, Tokyo Disney Resort will once again be a hot spot for visitors to Japan this year!

How to enjoy Tokyo Disney Resort?

If you plan to visit Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, or both, don’t forget to purchase your tickets online in advance!

You CANNOT buy your ticket onsite!

It may be sold out, so check the official website and plan your visit.

To make your stay enjoyable, and to use your time wisely, I highly recommend you to download the official app.

Please check the official website and official app for Disney Premium Access, Entry Request (lottery for entertainment or attractions access), standby pass, Priority Seating, Latest show information, operation information, and any other up-to-date information.


*Programs are subject to change or cancellation due to weather and other conditions.

*Goods and menu items are subject to change without notice and are only available while stocks last.



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